Pantaleimon is the musical project of English artist Andria Degens.

Degens is a multi-instrumentalist but she doesn’t weave her music in traditional formats. As a self-taught musician inspired by artists such as Brian Eno, Can, Neu, Mississippi Fred McDowall, Eden Ahbez, Djivan Gasparyan, Kate Bush, Nico, David Bowie, Soundgarden, and Vedic Chanting, Andria has developed her sound over the years and has not been constrained by received assumptions about particular musical pairings or forms. Rather, she has experimented and intuited her way towards instruments and treatments that allow her to express her trance inducing sonic sound. Her use of guitar effects pedals in conjunction with Appalachian Dulcimer is a case in point. Taking a quintessential folk instrument and processing it heavily to achieve a new repertoire of sounds is atypical, highly creative and a hallmark of her music. 

Guest members of Pantaleimon have included Isobel Campbell, Jay Darlington, Baby Dee, Will Oldham, James Blackshaw. Andria has worked with Hugo Race, Current 93, Andrew WK, Stephen O’Malley, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter and her music featured in Cam Archer’s ‘Wild Tigers I Have Known’. Pantaleimon’s music spans five albums and three Ep’s with the last one being the strange and gorgeous ‘The Butterfly Ate The Pearl’.

After an extended series of life events took Andria away from being able to produce any music, a new Pantaleimon single appeared early 2023, 'The Conversation' - an instrumental meditative piece composed entirely on Appalachian dulcimer. It was the beginning of a return back into the spotlight. A second single  'To The In Between' was released later in the same year featuring French born electronic sound artist Olivia Louvel.

Meanwhile the latest single, 'And Then There Was You' is a joyful layered guitar piece. The trilogy of instrumental singles are an intro to what we can expect of the forthcoming album.

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New instrumental album

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